The Harmony Bracelet
The Harmony Bracelet
The Harmony Bracelet
The Harmony Bracelet
The Harmony Bracelet
The Harmony Bracelet
The Harmony Bracelet
The Harmony Bracelet

The Harmony Bracelet

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The Harmony Bracelet was inspired by Harmony Unique Smith, who lost her life to a senseless act of domestic violence. All proceeds go to OpenDoors Asheville, who are working to break the cycle of poverty, through education one child at a time. 

The Harmony bracelet features gemstones that carry the energies of strength, courage, joy, love, and peace, alongside Rosewood for grace.

  • Two star cut Black Onyx gemstones for Strength, four 10 millimeter round gemstones: Howlite for Peace, Rose quartz for Love, Yellow Jade for Joy, and Amazonite for Courage
  • Rosewood beads for Grace and Hematite beads for Grounding
  • Hand strung on durable, elastic, stretchy cord
  • Mounted on an FSC certified card

*Because this is a Limited Edition Collaboration bracelet and all proceeds are donated, it does not qualify for discounts.

More About Harmony

Her favorite color was pink. She loved ladybugs and peace signs. She had a great laugh and smile. She could run like the wind and wanted to be a track star. She was outspoken, strong, and courageous. She was also kind, caring, and full of joy. 

Harmony was a member of our nonprofit partner OpenDoors Asheville.

OpenDoors works within the Asheville community to break the cycle of poverty, through education, one child at a time.

They seek to help close the achievement gap by providing access to education and opportunities to enrich their students' lives year-round, including tutoring, scholarships, summer camps, and more. In many cases, the staff and volunteers go beyond this mission to support academic learning by giving rides to school, making lunches, providing mentorship, and even crisis support and advocacy.

Four of Harmony's best friends (also members of OpenDoors) came to our offices and told us all about Harmony and helped us design the Harmony Bracelet – selecting gemstones for a bracelet that represented her amazing spirit and life.

OpenDoors was founded (just like SoulKu) by a few moms who wanted to be in service. What they have created and generously offer in terms of love, compassion, kindness, and ACTION has inspired and moved us to want to help.



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ALL proceeds go to our nonprofit partner OpenDoors of Asheville.

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