Meet the Mamas!

All SoulKu products are proudly handcrafted by stay-at-home moms, who earn a thriving wage. Once a week our mamas get a box of raw materials. They then have the week to complete their work, at their own home, on their own schedule. These special ladies are the heart of SoulKu.

"I am so grateful for my job that I have with Soul Ku. It has allowed me to stay home with my baby for the past two years and not miss one single moment. I love that I am able to help provide for my family by doing something that I love. This company is such a blessing to me."  - Anna

"I have found life to be an adventure with ever turning paths and trials.  I have recently begun a new leg of my journey.  Soulku came to me right after this and fell into place with my other new discoveries.  It makes me feel honored to be able to support in a small way the other women on discovery paths or to offer support and encouragement  to them." - Debbie

"I am so completely grateful for working for the beautiful and amazing ladies of Soulku. As a home schooling mother, it has allowed me to work part time and focus on the needs of my family. My income gives me the opportunity for self care, where before Soulku, I focused entirely the needs of others. It has made a powerful shift in my ability to find my own path and still be present for my kids." - Emily

"My name is Hannah. I grew up in Asheville NC where I married my High School sweetheart Eric. We have two beautiful boys, Alex 5 and Teddy 2. Teddy has a genetic condition called William's Syndrome. Working for SoulKu allows me the flexibility I need to take care of both my kids and Teddy's special needs in particular while still contributing financially to my family. I also love feeling like I'm helping in some small way to bring a bit of peace and positivity into people's lives! I truly love being a part of the Soulku Family!" - Hannah

"I feel a lot of pride working for a local, successful, female-owned business. Working with my hands and being creative gives me a sense of calm and peace, and I hope that energy is passed on to each piece that I create. I've met so many wonderful and intelligent women in my time at SoulKu; I'm truly impressed by the talents of each of the Mama's and so happy to have them in my life!" - Meghan

"Soulku has been a wonderful gift.  I'm able to make my own schedule that includes more time with my sweet daughter.  I feel empowered, liberated and satisfied by the work that I do." -Shannon

"From top to bottom, SoulKu is a loving, fun, sincere and responsible company to work for, which are just a few of the things that make them so unique.  When I am making a piece of jewelry, or giving one as a gift, I know that the recipient will feel appreciated and honored, just like I do each day when I sit down to create or design these wonderful pieces.  I hope SoulKu touches your soul like it has touched many others."   - Shelly

"The first word that comes to mind when I am asked about working for SoulKu is Empowerment! Empowerment for me as a maker/creator/giver and Empowerment for you, the wearer and giver of gifts! Creating for SoulKu a successful all female company that set out from day one to make a difference in woman's lives embodies the essence of empowerment for me. Each stone I come in contact with when creating our products for you is special and unique as we all are individuals! Each stone or piece of jewelry has a special meaning or message to empower us or those we love!" -Erin