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The Enneagram?

An Ancient Personality Test for the age of aquarius

The Enneagram is a system of nine personality types that describe patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. Each of these types are mapped on a nine-pointed diagram which helps to illustrate how the types relate to one another. 

While it's an ancient personality test, it has been newly embraced by the masses with a holistic interpretation that helps you not only be a better you, but also helps you to understand, communicate with, and have compassion for others.

Sarajane Case

Our Enneagram Expert & Collaborator

Our Enneagram Necklace Collection was intentionally designed in collaboration with Enneagram expert, Sarajane Case, an author, podcaster, and speaker working with the Enneagram as a tool for greater self-compassion and creativity. She helps to take this ancient map of human psyche and make it relevant to the modern life struggles of balancing self-care, productivity, and creative expression.

How Did You Discover Enneagram?

I discovered The Enneagram in a way that I've found is quite common. I had a friend who saw an amazing impact on their relationship through the lens of The Enneagram, and she shared it with me and my partner at a party. The very next day we began our journey of figuring out our own Enneagram types. He found his in just a few hours, and yet it took me months. I tried on lots of different types thinking it could be me. Not being able to discover my type led me down a research rabbit hole of learning everything I possibly could about every type. However, when I finally read my type, it felt so intimate and eerily accurate. Almost as if someone had read my journal and documented it for the entire internet to see. 

Why Do You Love The Enneagram?

Through working with The Enneagram personally, I've been able to slow down, simplify my life, and accept the beauty of the present moment instead of focusing so much on the future.

When I found The Enneagram I was working as a burnout prevention and recovery coach. I would spend months with people discussing what burnout looked like for them, how they got there, and what they were trying to protect through overworking. When I started to apply The Enneagram to our sessions we were able to go much deeper more quickly. 

The magic of The Enneagram is that it helps us to heal at the root. We can work with the symptoms of self neglect and overwork all day everyday. But, unless we get underneath and really discover why we keep choosing chaos over nourishment, we will always be in a constant state of self-fixing instead of allowing ourselves to heal. 

Below is my preferred free Enneagram tests to help you identify your type.

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