Rhodonite & Supporting Enneagram Type 2

In this post we examine some ways to support Enneagram TYPE 2: The Helper and why Rhodonite is an ideal supportive gemstone.

Before launching our Enneagram Collection, we were fascinated by the Enneagram—an ancient personality test that has caught fire in our current culture. In this age of technology that keeps most of us at an arm's length hungry for connection, it's a beautifully reassuring tool we can use to know ourselves and each other better.

If you're still unfamiliar with The Enneagram, you can learn more HERE. A big takeaway for us is that each of us have ALL the types in us. Yes, one or two are likely more dominant, but no matter your type, understanding all the types helps you better understand and have compassion for others.

We hope to be in service with the Enneagram Collection by helping you get to know more deeply your own type, what nurtures you, how to help others by seeing them more clearly through knowing their type, and how to utilize the amazing power of gemstones to lean into and support each type.

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According to our Enneagram expert Sarajane Case, Type Twos can be described as the following:

Type Twos are helpful, generous, warm, and loving. They learned somewhere along the way that love is earned through what we do for other people. They tend to see the world as a sea of emotional temperatures. Picking up the energy that people are sharing and adjusting their own behavior to meet the needs they perceive in the room. The impulse to serve from a Two isn’t necessarily conscious. In fact, to most Twos it’s second nature and seems like the most natural thing in the world to step in and meet the need of someone—especially someone they don’t know very well.

Type Twos are considerate, patient, gracious, forgiving, and are likely the person who has made you feel the most loved in your life.

Twos are all about being in service. When they are healthy, or at peace, they have proper boundaries around helping others. They put their oxygen mask on first, and then help others. When they are unhealthy or stressed, they help others before even considering helping themselves—and that's where things go wrong.

Twos feel their value is wrapped up in what they do for other people.

How Can I Support Myself As An Enneagram Type Two?

You can prioritize self love and self care. Ask yourself self reflective questions like, "Am I happy/anxious/sad just because someone else is happy/anxious/sad?" Say "No" more often and notice that your value doesn't come from your deeds, but your intentions. Tell others what you need. Accept help from others. Write yourself a love letter. Treat yourself the same way you treat others.

How Can I Support Someone I Love Who Is An Enneagram Type Two?

Ask them what they need and how you can help. Speak words of appreciation to them. Offer assurances that you love them even if they do nothing for you. Spend a day with them just focusing on what they want to do and talk about. Tell them and show them they are special to you.

Gemstone To Support Enneagram Type Twos

Rhodonite is a stone that cultivates, nourishes, and amplifies self love, self care and self reflection. It is a grounding stone that helps to remind you of your worthiness, your specialness, and your right to health, wealth, and happiness. Additionally it helps to provide clarity to anyone who has lost their way to their own needs and desires and helps to clear a path forward through gratitude, courage, strength, and humility.

For a deeper dive into Type Twos discover Sarajane's Enneagram podcast, Instagram, or books.


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