Time To Check In With Your Soul

I want you to know something. I want you to know it deep inside your bones. You can manifest ANYTHING. You can manifest EVERYTHING. 

Especially if that "thing" is in alignment with your Soul's Desire.

Your Soul's Desire is the truth of you. It is the reason you are here now–to return to and to fulfill your Soul's Desire.  

"But I've been struggling," you say. "It's taking FOREVER," you say. "I'm about ready to give up," you say. 

So check in with your Soul...

When you manifest from a place of ego–wanting to impress others, wanting to have things that show or "elevate" your "status,"–you will find manifesting much more difficult. 

This kind of manifestation falls into the category of material spiritualism. And while there is nothing wrong or bad about having nice things, if the energy behind it is purely ego driven, these things will be harder to get and harder to keep. 

Also, if there is no growth involved in your manifestation journey it's not your Soul's Desire.

If you are struggling on your path, check in with your soul. Is what you are looking to manifest benefitting the world? Is it in service to a higher good? Does it elevate you, your friends, your family, your community? 

When you manifest from a place representative of your Soul's Desire you are in benefit to the Universe as a whole. 

If you can truly grasp this concept and allow blockages such as unworthiness, guilt, shame, or doubt to be released, you'll be in prime shape for manifesting. 

If your Intention is in alignment with your Soul's Desire, the right person will appear, the right situation, an incredible coincidence, or a magical happenstance will unfold that is beyond explanation. And it will take you where you need to go.

In my experience, manifestation is a demanding journey. It is growth filled. You cannot get from here to there without self-exploration, accountability, and the capacity to release anything that isn't serving you and your Soul's Desire. 

Manifestation demands your transformation. It requires you to check in, time and time again, with your Soul and allow your ego to fall away. 

The amazing news is that Manifesting not only gives you your Soul's Desire–it is a pathway to your highest self. Whew...that's a big one. Allow that to seep in and tune in next month for more...


As always we're rooting for you!

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