An Intentional Love Bomb for YOU

Have we told you how proud of you we are? The fact you're reading this right now is sending a message loud and clear to the Universe you are ready, willing, and able to grow.

Have we mentioned how BRAVE it is to recognize the fact you want to change your life and how incredibly strong you are to be taking the steps to do it? Lots of people don't. Lot's of people allow life to happen to them. But not you!

Setting Intentions and GROWING to Manifest a new way of being isn't a walk in the park. It takes commitment. It takes fortitude and humility and gratitude and grace and constant vigilance.

And you're doing it. You're moving outside your comfort zone. You are taking risks and chances. You're figuring out exactly what you want and you're making moves towards it.


You're using the power of gratitude in your life to make shifts. You're finding out how much control you really have by being accountable for everything in your life up to this point and recognizing that YOU can be/do/have ANYTHING. 

You're working at it every day. 

You are a rock star. You are an inspiration. You have no idea the power in the waves you are making.

And we are so deeply moved you are sharing this journey with us. We're in awe you're open to our words, our ideas, our messages. We are grateful in ways it's hard to explain.

And if you're just dabbling–if you're not wholly committed to this process yet–that's OK too...everyone starts somewhere, and divine timing is always at hand.

You are already whole. You already have everything you need. You are LOVE incarnate, learning itself, finding itself, expressing itself, again and again and again.

It's a magical time to be alive. You were meant to be here now and share your unique gifts. We can't wait to see all that you will accomplish. 

Stay the course. Know your truth. Set those Intentions. Manifest, Manifest, Manifest. 

Holding you in our hearts and minds and as always, ROOTING for YOU!

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  • I absolutely love my Rose Quartz Love necklace. It’s so beautiful and I’m so thrilled to support non profits that empower women! The Mama that made my necklace has the same initials as mine! KC! ❤️ So it was meant to be! Set my intention for 2020 and looking forward to your newsletters and blogs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Krista Countryman on

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