Ant Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Ant medicine to connect more with your spirit and your community and reach your ultimate goals.

This month's animal medicine is the Ant. I know it's sounds weird, but it's chocked full of amazing messages and energies for you—so stick with me.

Ant is all about partnership, community, and patience.

Let's talk Partnership first. Partnership is obviously critical to community, but this particular type is about the one you have with your spirit. In order to live the life of your dreams, you must hold your partnership with your spirit at the very forefront of your priority list. Your connection to spirit must take precedence over all else—because as your commitment to yourself grows, as you deepen your soul-u-lar work, your ability to show up for others grows as well.

Now, Ants know in order to build their dream or manifest their Intentions, they're going to need help and to be helpful within their Community. They work as a team through their amazing ability to pull their weight (and more) and collaborate with others. Right now, Ant medicine is telling you that you're perfectly positioned to ask for and receive help on your journey as long as you stay focused on your own spiritual path.

Then there is Patience. And when I say Patience, I want to emphasize "trust" in relation to Patience. Ant medicine teaches us that if we are Patient and Trust that the Universe has our back, what is rightly ours will come to us. Divine timing is always at hand. Always.

To re-cap, Ant medicine is asking you to lean in, dig deeper into your relationship with Spirit, ask for help, gather your community, be in service to them and your dream at the same time, and trust the plans of The Universe for your soul.

Gemstones that support and amplify Ant Animal Medicine.

  • Howlite for Calm, Patience, & Serenity
  • Citrine to Manifest
  • Quartz Crystal for Harmony
  • African Turquoise for Growth


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