Koi Fish Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Koi Fish Medicine and you'll know unequivocally there is always enough and YOU are deserving!

Koi Fish have been held in reverence by the Japanese culture for symbolically representing abundance and prosperity. A deeper dive into Koi Fish medicine reveals so much more than that...

Koi Fish medicine teaches that within each of us is the absolute potential for prosperity—in all aspects of our lives—all we need to do is align with the energetics of it.

Just like a Koi Fish grows very large in a small pond and does not "adapt" to its surroundings, it shows us that despite any current lack or limitation, we are innately prosperous and abundant beings. We have the potential for unlimited prosperity in our DNA.

Koi Fish reminds us that we can call in prosperity and magnetically attract the opportunities we need to have that kind of abundance.

Koi Fish medicine works to clear self-imposed obstacles in our brains, opening the thought patterns that help us generate a "wealth within" through deliberate intention. This "wealth within" consciousness can apply to anything you want more of in your life—money, friends, love, health, time, etc.

Here's how—
Lean into Koi Fish medicine. Get comfortable with prosperity in all forms by examining the thoughts you have around prosperity. Do you mock others who are prosperous? Are you resentful? Do you think there is only so much to go around? (psst... there isn't!) Do you feel truly deserving of prosperity? (YOU ARE!)

Once you examine your habitual thought patterns, replace them with statements of gratitude for everything that you already have. That will immediately shift your energy. Start to envision the plenty your Spirit wants you to experience. Koi Fish medicine teaches that as we deliberately and intentionally begin to create the life we want to live, Spirit answers by bringing what we need to achieve it. The outer conditions of your life will begin to reflect the inner conditions of your thoughts and energies. This is 100% guaranteed.

Lastly Koi Fish medicine teaches us that we are powerfully strong, exquisite, loved, and deeply cherished beings that are capable of anything we set our minds and hearts to. You have so much to offer the world. There is so much you can create and so much you can attract. Do not underestimate your power. Embrace all that you want to be. Do and have and be... and do and have it, now!

Gemstones that support and amplify Koi Fish Animal Medicine.

  • Carnelian for Abundance
  • Aventurine for Prosperity
  • Citrine to Manifest
  • Black Sunstone for Self Healing


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  • This is such a great message for me in my birth month! I love these animal medicine insights!

    Rebecca on

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