How to Set Intentions (Step 3) Think, Feel, Believe

“When you set an intention, when you commit, the entire Universe conspires  to make it happen.”

-Sandy Forester

Now that you’ve had some time to really release (step 1) your own disbelief in your power to be happy, abundant, gainfully employed, in a loving relationship, etc. and get clear (step 2) with imaginative visualizations about how you want to feel when you have manifested you intention it’s time to put the steps together.

Take your clear intention and spend time every day sitting inside the feeling of what it is that you want to manifest. You can pull up these feelings through meditation and visioning, or call on the feeling when you’re in the woods or doing a form of exercise you love.

I do a ton of energy work in the car. I turn off the radio, I focus on what I want to feel and I feel it. I say mantras as well…”I am so grateful for…” “I am so full of joy because…” and my all time favorite, “I am financially, emotionally, physically secure and thriving!” (Covers a ton of bases!)

If you use mantras be sure you are stating any desires as already manifest – even if you’re not quite feeling it yet-it’s like improv – your body won’t know the difference if you’re really feeling the feeling and the Universe will respond to this by matching your inner feelings with your outer life.

This is where our Intention necklaces really come in handy. They serve as a reminder to re-commit on a daily basis to take the time to feel the feelings. If you do it enough and use our necklaces as a focus point of those feelings – pretty soon (just like Pavlov’s dogs) just looking at the necklace will bring up the exact feelings you want to experience.

You can also light a scented candle or use an essential oil blend to help focus your feelings – then when you smell it again, you will be able to access the feelings faster and easier.

Let your thoughts inform your feelings and let the feelings take over your state of being. The more you feel the feeling of what you desire, the more you will believe it is on the way.

From a spiritual perspective and a quantum physics perspective if you can truly believe it (even for as little as 16 seconds at a time!) then it is already here. So make time for contemplating, thinking, feeling and believing.

People who don’t believe in the power of setting and manifesting intentions have never really tried very hard. It’s hard to keep believing when things aren’t manifesting fast enough (meaning – your time frame).

I also really believe (because I’ve done it myself) that people just don’t really commit to the process. It takes commitment and determination to your dreams to make them come true. You wouldn’t expect to graduate from college without putting in the time and the work – you shouldn’t expect your intentions to blossom without caring for them.

Make these time commitments, think it, feel it and you will believe it and once you do…hold on for the amazing ride that will be your life!

And as always…we’re rooting for you!

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