When Divinity Meets Humanity – LOOK OUT!

“A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one embrace it. If you need one seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy DIVE IN, HOLD ON, LOVE IT UP!”

We’re in vibrant/amazing/wonder-full New York City this week attending a “Flourish and Thrive Mastermind” event. We’ve been working for the past nine months with incredible mentors and other astonishing jewelry designers to figure out how we can be better at doing what we love to do – which is make jewelry that celebrates, inspires, connects and empowers.

I’ve been to extraordinarily deep retreats (Modern Day Priestess) where several times, during a year long spiritual intensive study, my journey mates and I would gather together on sacred land in Virginia and do yoga, meditate, pray, sweat lodge, commune with nature and each other and hang out with the divine inside us and each other.

One thing I didn’t consider AT ALL about this trip was that it would be just as spiritually awakening and inspiring as my Priestess retreats. In fact – this meet up in New York City has solidified a whisper inside me that has been dying to spill it’s little secret…

When women gather together with a common goal in mind, with open hearts, a willingness to share of themselves and to support each other – God is there. I have no doubt. The vibration of the universe rises, our divinity shows up AND we become better at being human.

A couple of weeks ago – my Modern Day Priestess mentor, an incredible human being, whom it would be safe to say I kind of “worshipped,” posted a beautiful message to a group of us about the end of a two year cycle that she was experiencing and the deep knowing she’d had previous to the cycle’s beginning that it would be a time of absolute release of all that she knew.

And indeed it was and she was now on the other side of it.

After reading about her remarkable odyssey, which was so richly pure and ego clean on her part, I realized that I was not and never would be, in any way shape or form, “like” her. Meaning that while I would always be a seeker and a spiritual Indian Jones of sorts, the way that she is a conduit for the sacred; unendingly patient, remarkably non-judgmental, miraculously open, inspiringly calm and loving, exceptionally giving, unwaveringly rooted in the divine – Just. Ain’t. My. Jam.

I believe that our desired destinations are ultimately the same, and I even think there will be a moment in this lifetime where we will be colleagues of sorts, but I know, with certainty, that the way we will arrive, the course we will take to get there, is completely, utterly, unequivocally divergent.

And for the first time in my life…I am really OK with that.

In fact, I have to say that a weight of enormous proportion has been lifted from my heart and soul.

AND I have to say that the suspicions that I have had lately – about the divinity of human connection has been proved to me in this past week.

I have met women, so many of them, that are just extraordinary human beings. Each one is beautiful and talented in their own way. Each of their jewelry lines are literal exquisite expressions of their own divinities and their deepest beliefs and passions. Each one has been generous with their knowledge, their expertise, their guidance, their kindness, their openness, their vulnerability, their support and their love.

And while I don’t think this year of our Flourish and Thrive Mastermind will come to a close with a ceremonial initiation, I know for a fact that here with these ladies, in the heart of New York City, I have experienced some of the finest moments of the physical manifestations of divinity that I can remember. And I have changed. The fabric of my being has been altered.

Whether it’s been a piece of jewelry that was refashioned from a widow’s wedding ring to help a widow move on from a terrible loss, or the words of encouragement we got about knowing our worth as jewelry designers or the emotionally vulnerable story of the death of a mother that was the catalyst to a jewelry designer’s business or the pair of leather earrings that look like feathers (with dangling moonstones!!!) that literally made our hearts jump or the sushi dinner where we came in as simple acquaintances and left as life long friends…

It’s here. It’s real. It’s God.

So, what if it’s that simple? What if God is ingeniously among us when we are in community, in support of each other, sharing our gifts, with our eyes on a common goal? What if all it takes for us to feel and experience the divine is a meet up in New York City with a bunch of wild and wacky jewelry designers?

How remarkable would that be? Really…

I am steadfast now in my heart that we humans are innately divine. And that divine manifestation is possible on this planet, in the flesh, right here, right now. If we just are. You are a divine expression of God, as am I.

AND… when we come together and are awake and open and are recognizing that divine in each other – LOOK OUT! Our lives will never be the same.

I have been initiated…are you ready? Are you coming? Let’s be divine together.

It is, as always, my honor to share my life with you. The divine in me – really, really appreciates the divine in you. Really. Thank you.



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