Lizard Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Lizard Medicine To Examine What's Holding You Back From Growth, Change, & Self-Actualization.

Lizards do two important things to survive—

  1. They shed their skin two to four times a year to accommodate for growth and rid themselves of parasites.
  2. They "self-amputate" their tails if a predator gets a hold of them. Meaning they have an interesting biological mechanisms that literally allow them to separate from their tails without much damage taking place.

Let's address the easy one, the "shedding of skin" as it applies to our own life adventure. I think the biggest piece of wisdom here is recognizing that growth requires change. You cannot simply desire to change your life. What got you this far may not take you the rest of the way, and shedding skin is necessary for growth. It may be uncomfortable, it may be weird and wild, but it is always beneficial.

And how does "self amputation" translate into applicable Animal Medicine? As a Lizard lets its tail go (and according to studies the tail is VERY attached), it rids itself of the threat of being eaten. It's a scientific miracle that this can happen the way it does so easily. So the invitation here is to examine what you're holding onto that is holding you back from growth, change, and self-actualization.

It's important here to focus on YOU—your thoughts, your beliefs, your old patterns. This is about self. It's about looking internally to contemplate and identify what part of you isn't working for you, and then letting that part go.

Lean into the knowledge that Lizards are incredibly resilient because of this ability to lose their tails. And they grow a new tail. It's a reminder that despite the fact that you may be giving up a very fundamental part of yourself, something new will take its place and it will be better than what you released. That is the promise of Lizard.

Lastly, Lizards can be incredibly beautiful. That's not something we often think, but Lizards can display an array of iridescence and vivid gorgeous colors. To me, this says there is beauty to be found in everything. It means to look for and embrace the beauty inside and outside you. You're beautiful, skin-shedding, self-amputating ability reveals the glory that is uniquely you.

Gemstones echoing the energetics of Lizard Animal Medicine.

  • Peacock Pearl to Shine
  • Botswana Agate for support during Change
  • Picture Jasper for Resilience
  • Smoky Quartz for Release


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