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Fluorite & Supporting Enneagram Type 1

In this post we examine some ways to support Enneagram TYPE 1: The Perfectionist and why Fluorite is an ideal supportive gemstone.

If you need a quick recap on The Enneagram, you can learn more HERE. In this age of technology that keeps most of us at an arm's length hungry for connection, it's a beautifully reassuring tool we can use to know ourselves and each other better.

We hope to be in service with the Enneagram Collection by helping you get to know more deeply your own type, what nurtures you, how to help others by seeing them more clearly through knowing their type, and how to utilize the amazing power of gemstones to lean into and support each type.

And did you know each of us have ALL the Types in us. One or two are likely more dominant, but no matter your Type, understanding them all helps you better understand and have compassion for others.

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According to our Enneagram expert Sarajane Case, Type Ones can be described as the following:


Basic Desire: “I want to be good person, to have balance, to live in my integrity.”

Basic Fear: “I’m afraid of being a bad person. Of being evil or corrupt.”

Super Ego Message: “Most of my life I’ve believed that I’ll be okay if I just do the right thing.”

Type Ones are disciplined, discerning, and judicious. They learned somewhere along the way that the world is corrupt, and it’s their duty to always do the right thing as a way to mend things. They tend to view the world in black and white—right and wrong— and strongly value fairness, justice, and order. Type Ones reject their natural impulse toward pleasure, sometimes even if the pleasure is a victimless enjoyment. There’s almost a natural rejection to the animalistic side of being human. An impulse may rise up inside of them only to be held inside and ultimately repressed.

Type Ones are hardworking, honest, refining, organized, structured, and likely the best person you know.


How Can I Support Myself As An Enneagram Type One?

Self care is critical for Type Ones who tend to put others' needs or perceptions above their own.

Be brave. Let yourself struggle and fail, learn to process it, not avoid it. A life worth living is a life where things are messy and not always exactly like you planned. It's OK!

Plan time alone. Time where you just care for yourself and your own needs. Remind yourself the world doesn't need you all the time to be ok. Do things that seem unproductive, like dancing just to dance or laying in a hammock on a summer day.

Allow yourself to be angry, sad, or jealous. Feel the feelings you deem "unacceptable." You're human, just like everyone else, and it's ok to not be happy and enthusiastic all the time.

Discuss your pain with those you trust. The goal is to be loved for your authentic self, not your controlled self. Know that people love you—even when you're not "perfect." The real, vulnerable you is a wonderful addition to the human race.
Self affirm with the words "I am good enough."

How Can I Support Someone I Love Who Is An Enneagram Type One?

You can help a Type One by offering your support and a non-judgemental point of view... and maybe even a shift in perspective on any given situation. Remind them the goal is to be human, not perfect.

Encourage time for playfulness. Take them on outings that allow them to fully unplug. Facilite taking things less seriously, by taking things less seriously.

Acknowledge and appreciate when they do nice things for you. Also notice and compliment their integrity, not their perfectionism.

Together with Sarajane we selected Fluorite for Type Ones to help boost positivity and encourage playfulness and joy. The word "Fluorite" comes from the Latin word for "flux," referring to the gems ability to flow in flux and harmony with a range of other materials. If we take that word in a more spiritual sense it beautifully summarizes the mood of Fluorite—one that is all about establishing balance, joy, and harmony.

Its ability to absorb negative energy and enrich the soul with positive vibrations has made it desirable for people who would like to maintain a level of tranquility in their life. This powerful crystal is known to enhance the natural aura and help one feel centered and connected. It ushers in a sense of order and cleanses stagnant energies which hold us back in daily life. It provides the strength needed to purify our minds, so we’re able to think and see clearly.



For a deeper dive into Type Ones discover Sarajane's Enneagram podcast, Instagram, or books.

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