Owl Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Owl Animal medicine to tap into your intuition and see clearly.

Owl reminds us that the wisdom inside us, the Universal wisdom, is absolutely available to us if we nurture and cultivate it. It is ever present and our birthright as spiritual beings having human experiences. Even in the darkest night the Owl sees and knows all.

It has been my practice for the last several months to begin my day with a 30 minute guided meditation. I cannot say enough about what this has done for my mind and my life. It has literally rewired my brain AND re-opened my intuition and my connection to my highest self. This is Owl Animal Medicine at work.

In so many ways, Owl Animal Medicine's invitation is about initiation into intuition.

Intuition is simply clarity of mind. It's not as quiet as a hunch or a feeling, yet it makes you trust those hunches and feelings a lot more. It is a literal clearing away of the fog that can surround charged communications or situations.

Owl Animal Medicine says, "If you allow yourself to be objective, your intuition and wisdom is easy and super clear." It's not a small voice, but your own voice, your own knowing—but you must be still to hear it. You must put space between your, your thoughts, your feelings, and all the sensual things you take in. Only then will you find the clarity that intuition can bring.

Obviously I recommend a meditation practice to help you tap into this wisdom. Some prefer writing or chanting or hot yoga, but whatever it is you choose look for something that allows you some time for true observation. Only then, will you know Owl Animal Medicine.

To enhance my meditation practice I use gemstones to help amplify whatever I am doing in my meditation—whether it be focusing, manifesting, or simply listening, I find that crystals are super, super helpful in hearing that intuitive voice.


You'll want to focus on stones that will open your Third Eye chakra (the 6th chakra) that is located in the center of your forehead and associated with the color Indigo. Crystals and stones that fall into that color spectrum work to open, enhance, and fortify your intuition.

  • Amethyst is the perfect Third Eye stone because its amazing healing powers clear away any sort of blockages and literally make space for new information.
  • Purple Fluorite amplifies your capacity to generate magic and miracles by helping your vision become crystal clear so that you can declare and focus on what you want.
  • Rainbow Moonstone carries the vibration of the Sixth chakra and an "indigo flash." It works to soften and support the area around the Third Eye and the head so your can have clearer and more compassionate vision.
  • Labradorite is a stone of transformation that will help with clarity of vision. It too has an "indigo flash" like Moonstone. It acts as a soothing guide reminding that transformation is necessary and good for the health and evolution of your soul.
  • Clear Quartz is an amplifier and conductor. It will supercharge any Intention you set and literally act as a magnet to pull in the energies you want to generate.


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  • I am a “baby” when it comes to all the wonderful ways these stones/gems can help us. I appreciate reading up on things like this. Appreciate & Thank-you for the links & informative posts.

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