August Full Sturgeon Moon

Full moons carry incredible energy and can create changes in your emotions, your body, your mind, and your spirit.

By tracking the full moons and their meanings we hope to inspire, enlighten, and inform you of the energetic shifts that are on their way to you.

And this Sunday's, August 22nd, is a SPECIAL one. It's the second Full Moon in a row in Aquarius. What this means is you may have some unfinished business to take care of...

August's Full Moon is traditionally called The Sturgeon Moon due to the fact that in August the sturgeon fish are caught in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain.

As always the Full Moon is a push/pull between two energies.

This month, like last, has the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius.

It' focus—being in service to yourself (Leo) or in service to the community (Aquarius). A good thing to remember here is there isn't a good or bad, a right or wrong. This is an opportunity to find balance between the two.

AND because we're experiencing the same energies two months in a row, this is The Universe asking you to dig even deeper and make sure you've spent time truly addressing this issue. Think of it as a cosmic wake up call.

Of course most of us spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves. This Full Moon is an invitation reminding us that we are part of a larger collective. Aquarius is a radical zodiac sign, which is always pushing boundaries and changing the status quo for the community.

This Double Full Moon in Aquarius is an astrological opportunity to truly reflect on how you've made a difference in the world. Whatever work you've done—be it to further equality, fairness, justice, or respect for the environment—these actions have been gratefully received by The Universe and you will feel a shift with this Full Moon.

If you've yet to consider what you can do to be a good contributor to our community of humans and citizens of Mother Earth, now is your chance. While one person alone cannot change the world, this Double Full Moon is a reminder that every single person can and does play a part in collective change.

This Aquarius Moon is a great time to let go of old outdated things. Maybe clean out your garage or closet or your attitudes and limiting beliefs. It's an invitation to live in the present and let go of the past.

It's also a great time to reflect on your ego (Sun in Leo) and make sure it is in check and healthily serving you.

SoulKu selections for supporting you through The Full Sturgeon Moon and beyond.

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