Pink Chalcedony & Supporting Enneagram Type 6

In this post we examine some ways to support Enneagram TYPE 6: The Loyalist and why Pink Chalcedony is an ideal supportive gemstone.

If you need a quick recap on The Enneagram, you can learn more HERE. In this age of technology that keeps most of us at an arm's length hungry for connection, it's a beautifully reassuring tool we can use to know ourselves and each other better.

We hope to be in service with the Enneagram Collection by helping you get to know more deeply your own type, what nurtures you, how to help others by seeing them more clearly through knowing their type, and how to utilize the amazing power of gemstones to lean into and support each type.

And did you know each of us have ALL the Types in us. One or two are likely more dominant, but no matter your Type, understanding them all helps you better understand and have compassion for others.

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According to our Enneagram expert Sarajane Case, Type Sixes can be described as the following:


Basic Desire: “It’s important to me that I feel secure and supported.”

Basic Fear: “I am fearful of being left out on my own, being without support and guidance, and won’t be able to survive without it.”

Super Ego Message: “I know I will be ok as long as I know what is expected of me and make a point to follow through with those expectations.”

Type Sixes are aware, loyal, and hardworking. They learned from a young age to keep their eyes open to potential threats as a way to never get caught off guard.

Sixes contain a conflicted relationship to authority. While there is a comfort found in having a system or a group they belong to—a place where they always know what’s expected of them—there is also a rebellion to authority that they do not trust or respect. There is a fearlessness in the face of untrustworthy authority.

Sixes hold a continued awareness of potential threats or loss of safety. This can look like skepticism of new people and awareness of physical threats or financial threats. While Sixes are not always walking around frantic, anxious, and uneasy, they are walking around with eyes wide open to what is present but also what could be present in the future or hidden between the lines of what is being shared.

Type Sixes are prepared, community oriented, reliable, engaging, and likely one of the most courageous people you know.


How Can I Support Myself As An Enneagram Type Six?

If you're a Type Six, it's helpful to work towards fulfilling your core desire for safety and security by doing things that will make you feel grounded. This could be spending time in nature, connecting with a trusted friend, or preparing and eating a healthy meal. Self care, while it seems pretty basic, is a huge component in building the trust in yourself for yourself that will help you move past the unhealthy ways your need for safety and security can present.

You can also self-affirm with the statement, "It's OK to trust myself." And then trust yourself. See what happens when you count on you to have your own back.

Practice more productive thinking. Instead of always thinking about what the worst thing that could happen, think about the best thing that could happen. Chances are you'll end up somewhere in the middle.

Start each day by giving yourself credit. Say three nice things about yourself, and say them outloud.

How Can I Support Someone I Love Who Is An Enneagram Type Six?

Encourage your Six to notice and acknowledge the positives. When they seem to spiral towards talking about all that's wrong, help them see what's right— especially who or what they can trust.

Provide them with a solid sounding board. Try to be as objective as possible and listen when they vent, but don't join in. Defuse rants when possible with alternative meanings behind their interpretations of other people's words or actions. No need to be untruthful, but look for the possibility that your Six may be taking something personal, that isn't.

Be consistent and trustworthy. Share your own TRUE personal thoughts and feelings to build trust with your Six.

Gemstone To Support Enneagram Type Sixes

Together with Sarajane, we selected Pink Chalcedony for Type Sixes to transform self-doubt into self-trust, peace, and optimism! It helps with self soothing, calming, and centering emotional energy. It's also a nurturing stone that helps to promote brother and sisterhood—encouraging trustful, reliable bonds to form. And Pink Chalcedony helps to absorb negative energy and bring the mind, body, and spirit into harmony.



For a deeper dive into Type Sixes discover Sarajane's Enneagram podcast, Instagram, or books.

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