Black Tourmaline & Supporting Enneagram Type 7

In this post we examine some ways to support Enneagram TYPE 7: The Enthusiast and why Black Tourmaline is an ideal supportive gemstone.

If you need a quick recap on The Enneagram, you can learn more HERE. In this age of technology that keeps most of us at an arm's length hungry for connection, it's a beautifully reassuring tool we can use to know ourselves and each other better.

We hope to be in service with the Enneagram Collection by helping you get to know more deeply your own type, what nurtures you, how to help others by seeing them more clearly through knowing their type, and how to utilize the amazing power of gemstones to lean into and support each type.

And did you know each of us have ALL the Types in us. One or two are likely more dominant, but no matter your Type, understanding them all helps you better understand and have compassion for others.

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According to our Enneagram expert Sarajane Case (who also happens to be a Type 7 herself), Type Sevens can be described as the following:


Basic Desire: “It’s important to me that I remain happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.”

Basic Fear: “I am most afraid of being deprived and trapped in negative emotions.”

Super Ego Message: “I know that I will be ok as long as I get my needs met.”

Type Sixes are aware, loyal, and hardworking. They learned from a young age to keep their eyes open to potential threats as a way to never get caught off guard.

Type Sevens are cheerful, fun loving, and adventurous. In childhood Sevens often lost faith in the potential for them to find adequate nurturing. Through this process they learned to nurture themselves through staying entertained and choosing positive emotions. While there is a nice side to being able to care for yourself, it is often what creates a cycle of excessive indulgence for Sevens. They spend a lot of their time focused on the next great experience—looking for the next good thing to keep them occupied and entertained.

Type Sevens are curious, bold, fast learners, joyful, and often somewhat of a renaissance person.


How Can I Support Myself As An Enneagram Type Seven?

Sevens need to fill their core desire of fun by doing things that are new, entertaining, and fulfilling. Making healthy choices in this arena is key.

Connecting with friends is super important - and not just surface connections - look for meaningful conversations and idea exchanges. Don't hang out with people just to stave off loneliness.

Journaling about feelings is also super helpful. Sevens tend to struggle in the face of negativity, and by journaling Sevens can get more comfortable with all types of feelings and know that they will pass.

Don't be afraid to admit to and talk about your struggles with someone you trust. This is a good way to go within and give yourself the opportunity to heal wounds.

Treat yourself to daily silence, to just allow thoughts and feelings to flow.

Sevens can be glutinous in their search for pleasure—overeating, drinking to excess, gambling, or having sex can be used as an escape, so be aware when you're over indulging and take a step back from any behavior that makes you feel badly after you've done it.

How Can I Support Someone I Love Who Is An Enneagram Type Seven?

If you love someone who is a Type Seven, the best thing you can do is be a good listener. Sevens don't complain a lot, but when they do, take it to heart that your Seven is really struggling with something.

Be emotionally supportive and available for them to process negative feelings, which really frightens Sevens. Be trustworthy with any information they share, so the are encouraged to share more.

Help them have fun in healthy ways. Don't plan a night out of drinking. Find interesting and unique experiences that will entertain and engage. Think outside the box.

Support healthy hobbies. Be proactive in encouraging your Seven to pursue their passions.

Gemstone To Support Enneagram Type Sevens

Together with expert Sarajane we selected BLACK TOURMALINE for Type Sevens to help ease negative feelings and encourage focus and follow-through. Black Tourmaline is a protective stone that can help the wearer feel calm, strong, and ready to address deeper issues. It aids in self awareness and self love and ultimately helps the wearer to find value in their own thoughts and feelings and treat themselves with respect.



For a deeper dive into Type Sevens discover Sarajane's Enneagram podcast, Instagram, or books.

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